Our Club receives much-needed assistance through its Donors and Sponsors.

Donors are individuals or organisations that provide unconditional donations (normally of money) to assist the Club to achieve its goals. In order to constitute a gift under the Income Tax Assessment Act, a donation must be offered voluntarily, and not as a result of a contractual obligation. Donors cannot receive any material benefit, nor can there be any expectation of benefit in return. Cash donations over $2 are tax deductible and the Club is able to provide receipts on request.

Sponsors are individuals or organisations that make contributions of cash or material to the Club, generally in return for some tangible commercial benefit or consideration such as corporate branding for an event or brand visibility to Club Members via some property that the Club owns. Sponsorship arrangements should be viewed as a partnership between the Club and the Sponsor, with both sides doing something to reap rewards both for themselves and for their partner. Sponsorship payments are not generally viewed as gifts for taxation purposes but they may be deductible as a general business expense. Sponsors should seek separate financial advice.