Hi to all Nippers Parents and welcome to week 19 of the Nippers Season.

As most other clubs are winding up their Nippers Season we still have a few weeks left until Presentation Day on March 23rd.
The week that was:
Officially last week was the last week of points scoring when we wrapped up the Junior Club Champs, and what a day of Champions it turned out to be !!!
It was a surreal moment when standing on the start line I saw the level of enthusiasm exude from the competitors as they headed off into  the water for the swim.
If there was a moment when it became evident as to why I took on the role this year …. it was that moment.
To be a part of watching the development of the young folks and their surf skills during the year culminate in such a brilliant display of courage and sportsmanship was a very rewarding moment and one that should make all parents, competitors and Age Managers proud.
Also a Huge Good Luck shout out to Tylah Price and Monique Hore who are bravingthe elements at the State Carnival at Ocean Beach Umina this weekend.
Coming Events:
Last week Mia Besley from the U11’s approached me with a brilliant idea about having  a “Bring a Friend to Nippers Day” …it was one of those ” I wished I had thought of that” moments because it was exactly what is needed to  promote the club for next year.
I have put in the Nippers Calendar March 9th to declare it officially as ” Bring a Friend to Nippers Day”….
The day is designed so that your friends can experience a day on the beach, doing activities such as having a go on a Nippers board or learning how to catch a wave (all within the safety of the Flags area) , then competing in beach events such as the “tug of war” or flags.
So if you have friends that you think would enjoy a day on the beach  and would like to share with them the fun you have at Narrabeen then March 9th is the day….we may even get a thong throw organised as well !!
Feel free to give myself  feedback on events you would like to see in the future…so thanks again Mia.
Planning for Next Season:
In order to plan for next year I need to sow a few seeds with Parents now about taking up roles within the club and assisting with events such as carnivals and the weekly running of Nippers.
I am breaking the tasks down into bite size roles and encourage all  to think about how they can assist next season.
There are many roles to chose from such as:
  • Water Safety (must hold a current Bronze Medallion)
  • Age Managers (you don’t have to have any qualifications other than enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved)
  • Beach Setup and pack up each week.( This is to assist Paul and takes about 30 minutes each week)
  • BBQ Roster Coordinator ( this is to manage the weekly staffing of the BBQ and send out reminders )
  • BBQ setup and pack up.( this takes about 15 minutes to complete each process)
  • BBQ chefs ( I am hoping to get this down to only 1 rostered morning next season for parents)
  • Carnival Coordinator ( manage the parents and competitors for the 4 carnivals during the year, complete competitor registrations on line, approx 2 hours each carnival)
  • Carnival Team Managers ( needs to be a parent of a competitor and attend the carnivals to rally the age groups and make sure competitors get to events).
  • Carnival Officials ( an official qualification and course will be offered) the number of club officials we supply determines the number of competitors the club can enter ( 1 official for 10 competitors). This is the major factor that determines the number of entrants we can submit in a carnival.
  • Point Scorer. Tallies up the points score each week and updates a spreadsheet ( allow 1 hour per week).
BBQ Roster for this week:
I am going to reduce the number of parents required for the next few  remaining  weeks. 
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Weather for Sunday March 2nd:
A  little bit of cloud and a nice 24 degrees …just another great Sunday at Narrabeen.
See you on the Beach.

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