Welcome to our first communication for our recently named “Narra Water Rats” Group. A recent initiative to recognise our Under 13, through to 18 year old members at Narrabeen Beach SLSC as a distinct group within our Club. Will McInness has been nominated as the Junior Club Captain leading this group for its very first year.

Whilst this group is starting off small,  we are hopeful that this will grow into larger numbers and a be a strong force for the future of lifesaving at Narrabeen Beach.

We have plans for an end of season exchange initiative with Taree/Old Bar Surf Club weekend of 11th/12th and 13th April, and we are seeking confirmation of interest, from SRC through to Active patrolling Members.

Please read attached flyer, and advise us ASAP if you would like to come with us on what should be a great learning experience.

Thanks to Josh Buckton and Doug Lucas for the suggestion and great idea !!

Download (PDF, 331KB)