2013 / 14 SLSNSW Masters State Championships
Ocean Beach, Umina

15-16 March 2014

We would like to give a huge thank you to Peter Grimes for all his coaching work, mentoring and enthusiasm throughout the year.

The ski paddling group trains regularly throughout the season and shows great camaraderie, quick wit and a very healthy appetitive for competition.

Some weeks the race offs for team selection are more heartily fought than the actual races themselves.

At this year’s Masters State Championships, there were 15 competitors from Narrabeen Beach.

Final results 

Overall, we scored 39th place on 23 points out of 60 competing clubs. Not bad for a team of young people who only do board and ski events – not beach or boat events.

The following Narrabeen Beach competitors came within the first six places and contributed to our point score (…not that everybody else didn’t do really well, also):

4th – Lise, Kirsten and Jodie – 110 Female Ski Relay

5th – Tudor Jones, Pete Wells and Doug Lucas – 110 Male Ski Relay

5th – Pete G, Dave Lawler and Gary – 150 Male Ski Relay

6th – Cayley Smith – 30-34 Female Surf Race

4th – Cayley Smith – 30-34 Female Tube

6th – Kirsten McFadden and Jodie Murphy – 30-44 Female Double Ski

6th – Jodie Murphy – 35-39 Female Ski

5th – Doug and Pete Wells – 35-39 Men’s Double Ski

3rd – Kirsten McFadden – 40-44 Female Ski

4th – Sam Hart – 40-44 Men’s Ironman

6th – Sean and Gary – 45-49 Men’s Double Ski

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