Narrabeen Beach SLSC is proud to announce we are now partnering with the Take 3 for the Sea organisation. Take 3 for the sea is really simple in it’s concept – Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you every time you leave the beach or waterway – Or anywhere really! This great initiative was suggested to the club by Skye Holt (Patrol 4) who will be our co-ordinator. WE will have a date shortly for our first clean up.
By agreeing to participate, we also commit to 2 to 3 major beach clean ups every year. Imagine the positive impact this will have on our beach. This is an opportunity for the whole club to come together and participate, while having a really positive impact on our environment.
Take 3 collect data from our clean ups and use this for further research. And in addition to our amazing lifesaving and beach management skills, we are providing an environmental service to our beach loving community!
Take 3 work with our club to educate us to take even better care of our beach and source reduction (reducing plastic use at the source – think of taking your re-usable bags grocery shopping, or refusing a plastic straw at a cafe or a using reusable cup for your takeaway coffee in the morning)
When we have a date, keep it free and bring the whole family down to participate in our first clean with the this great organisation!
Check out for more info on this program and see who else is participating and the great results they have achieved.
Kind Regards
The Board