Hi to all Parents and Nippers welcome to week 7.

The weather came good but the surf was very testing. Sean (water safety) took different age groups into the channel before the break and showed them how fast and dangerous the current can be. It was a great lesson for all those that did it, thankyou Sean.

We got through half the club champs and depending on the weekend may try and complete or move to another day. After the rains this week they are saying 34 and sunny (not always easy to believe) and the surf only 1-3 foot (cold be a near perfect day).

Good luck to our SRC’s and Bronzes who are doing their tests this weekend. We are always looking for more water safety and getting your bronze means you can help out, please see me about the next course.

This Week:

  • The BBQ and Kiosk will be offering coffee, Bacon and Egg Rolls from 8:30 am.
  • Nippers kicks off at 9:30 am SHARP, please be lined up at 9.15am.
  • Please make sure all children have a drink bottle and sun screen on before starting.
  • Weekly BBQ THIS WEEK IT’S THE UNDER 11’S COULD SOME PARENTS PLEASE HELP OUT FOR 20 MINUTES EACH TO COVER THE SETUP/COOKING/CLEAN UP. If all the parents share it between them, you will not miss much. As most of you are aware, each week we run a BBQ over the morning during the Nippers Season. This is a great fundraiser for the club and very popular with the families to enjoy after a morning at Nippers. Each week would like volunteers to assist Claire. The next age group will be under 12’s next week (9th Dec)

North Narrabeen Carnival 16th December

North Narra are holding a dry carnival on this day and if your child is interested in attending please contact me.

Assistance Needed

Thanks for those who stepped up. We still need some people to help with the running of nippers. This doesn’t take up much time its more so everything runs smoothly. Remember we are all volunteers if more people help the job is easier. We are looking for people to help with:

  • Beach Set Up – if you can help set the beach up please see me and I will gladly give you a job.
  • Narrabeen Nippers Carnival – this happens each year in January and we need to start planning now. If you can help with the planning, we will be meeting shortly (will be posted on Facebook / website) so let me know is you can help nippers@narrabeach.org.au
  • Water Safety – Each week the water safety make sure every child is safe and learns about the water, however we are always looking for more to help. All you need is bronze medallion to help out, don’t have it ask Brett about it (if I can make it anyone can) and we will get you on the next course.



Labelling / Lost Property

Mums and Dads: Please make sure that all Nippers clothing is clearly labelled using permanent marker with your child’s name especially the Nippers Cap and Hi Vis top. The lost property is near the board storage area.

Late Registrations

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had new people join us and we are still accepting registrations so if you have any friends please tell them to get in contact with me.

Uniform Exchange

Some people mentioned to me they have old rashies, swimmers etc that their kids had out grown and were still in excellent condition and what to do with them. Well to help those looking for uniforms and those wanting to get rid of uniforms we have a uniform exchange.

There is a box near the BBQ each week to look in. Please put whatever it is for sale in a clip lock bag with your name, telephone number, what it is, size and price. Anyone wanting to buy just put the money in the clip lock bag and text the person it’s there (honesty system).

So I’m looking forward to seeing you all this Sunday.

Let’s hope for great weather and calm seas.

Have a look at our Facebook page where we will post updates and pics of events.


See you on the beach

Brett Worne
Nippers Director