Hi to all Parents and Nippers and welcome to our final week of Nippers for the 2017/18 season.
This Sunday we have our Presentation Day where we celebrate another successful year for all participating Nippers, parents and volunteers.
The day will start as normal at 9:30 am so please be on time as we have a lot to get through and there will be a BBQ at the end with plenty of sweet treats from our good friends at Bakers Delight Warriewood and Devitts Meats, Narrabeen.
It’s the day we elect the officials for next year including Age Managers and other various roles….so if you think you would like to get more out of Nippers this is your time to shine! If you are unable to make but would like to volunteer for a position i.e. Age Manager, admin etc. please let myself or someone know prior to Sunday so we can fill the positions ready for next season.
Have a look at our Facebook page where we will post updates and pics of events.
Brett Worne
Director of Youth