Hi to Team Narra. The weather just held out and apart from the winds picking up & the exfoliation it was a great morning. With little waves but strong currents it was great to see so many do the swim and boards – well done. I swan out with the under 9’s who were champions and all made it out and around the cans, there was some happy (relieved) parents when we got back.
This week is a fun week and I have ordered fine weather and calm seas – so shouldn’t be any problems!!!!!!

This Week:
• The BBQ and Kiosk will be offering coffee, Bacon and Egg Rolls from 8:30 am.
• Weekly BBQ – THIS WEEK IT’S THE UNDER 6’S COULD SOME PARENTS PLEASE HELP OUT FOR 20 MINUTES EACH TO COVER THE SETUP/COOKING/CLEAN UP. If all the parents share it between them, you will not miss much.
• Nippers kicks off at 9:30 am SHARP, please be lined up at 9.15am.
• Please make sure all children have a drink bottle and sun screen on before starting.
• Club Boards – We encourage nippers to practice however if you want to use a board please ask first and you must have parental supervision, ensure the board is hosed down and put back into the storage.

Presentation Day Sunday 18th March
Well the points are being tallied and the medals engraved so remember to come along to presentation day next week. It’s Also the day we elect the officials for next year including Age Managers and other various roles….so if you think you would like to get more out of Nippers this is your time to shine…

Take 3 for the Sea
Just an update on the Take 3 initiative. The organising has been a little bigger than first thought both internally and with the Take 3 organisation. Rather than rush in and half do it, it was recommended to us we postpone. So the planned day this Sunday will not be happening and we hope to have a new date shortly.

I am currently reviewing designs for our uniform for next year and they will be on display near the BBQ. I ask you have a look and you can vote for your favourite. Thanks for those who have voted already if you didn’t vote they will be on display Sunday.

Labelling / Lost Property
Mums and Dads: Please make sure that all Nippers clothing is clearly labelled using permanent marker with your child’s name especially the Nippers Cap and Hi Vis top. The lost property is near the board storage area. I cleaned this up over the break and now have over 20 drink bottles, cossies and Hi Vis Tops (starting a shop soon) please have a look if any are yours on Sunday.

Have a look at our Facebook page where we will post updates and pics of events.

Regards Brett Worne
Director of Youth