Narra Water Rats (Youth) Program

Come and join the Northern Beaches award winning Narra Water Rats Program at Narrabeen Beach SLSC

Narra Water Rats Captain Season 2017-18 is Mali Tauro-Cesca

Season 2013-14 saw the launch of a brand new initiative at Narrabeen Beach Surf Club.

The concept being to actively engage  our Under 14 through to 21 year old Members,  keeping them involved in Lifesaving at Narrabeen Beach SLSC. Our original Season 13-14 launch started very small, with only around six members attending, we discussed the importance of youth membership at the club, and launched the concept, by voting on an official name.

The name was agreed as the “Narra Water Rats”, named after the water rats that reside in, and around the Narrabeen area.

Key Focus: Encourage strong youth development and participation in all areas of club life, with a view to ensuring the future sustainability of Narrabeen Beach SLSC.

We do this by pulling together all elements of the Club to support this growth initiative, including our Lifesaving Team, Youth Development, Membership Development, Education Team, and Surf Sports activities.

The program is essentially the “bridge” from Nippers through to becoming active patrolling members,progressing through awards to Patrol Captain levels and beyond! Any members are welcome to participate in any activities, and contribute to the success of this program.

Narrabeen now has over 40 Narra Water Rats actively engaged in lifesaving and community activities.


Narrabeen Beach has won Junior Lifesaver of Year Category at NSW Level for the past 2 seasons, a true testament to the Narra Water Rats program and the Club support and focus on our youth members and their contribution to the future sustainability of our Club.

NSW Junior Lifesaver of Year Male: Elliott Prasad

Season 2016-17

ElliottPrasad NSW JLOTY
NSW Junior Lifesaver of Year Female: Ella Cook

Season 2015-16




2015/16 Season

Activities Season 2015-16 were as follows:

  • SRC Training commenced 10th October 2015, Assessment Date: 15th Nov 11.30am at Narrabeen Beach SLSC.
  • Gold Medallion Sat 10th October (10am-12pm) motivational talk with guest speaker Liam Knight
  • Active Patrolling Duties on designated Training Patrols: Patrol 6 “The Substitutes ” Patrol 9 “The Bronze Whalers” and Patrol 12 “The Grown Ups
  • Wet N Wild Sydney patrol duties with their Nipper Program ( Sun 29th Nov 2015)
  • North Steyne SLSC ( Wet n Wild Nippers visiting North Steyne)  – Water Safety provision (10th Jan 2016 9am-11am )
  • Weekend patrol assistance to Garie SLSC Southern Branch (12th/13th Mar 2016)
  • Ski Training with Narrabeen’s Master Competitors(minimum age 15 years)
  • Surf Life Saving identified Education pathways with our Education Team

2014 / 2015 SeasonWater Rats at Wet N WIld April 2015

Narra Water Rats Program wins Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches (SLSSNB) Presidents Award Season 2014-15. 

2014 / 15 marked the first full season for the Narra Water Rats and we welcome all new and returning, SRC members, young Bronze Medallion trainees, and current BM holders progressing through to further awards. We now have around 18 Narra Water Rats at Narrabeen, and we are hoping to grow this further. You may not wish to be an Active Patrolling Member,  but are interested in the Community Service side of our Club such as helping out in the kiosk or coffee shop, or assisting our Nippers each Sunday.

Key Activities Completed :

  • SRC members to transition through to Bronze Medallion qualifications ( minimum age 15 years );
  • Patrol 6 and 9 have been designated as “training” patrols, designed to provide on the job active patrol training;
  • Patrol Exchange weekend Narra Water Rats travelled to Bellambi SLSC for Sunday 1st March 15 patrol, including all day stopover at Jamberoo Water Park Sat 28th February 15
  • Narra Water Rats on Patrol at Sydney’s Wet N Wild – Sunday 15th March 2015;
  • Senior Club mentor support;

Come and join us, as we work towards the success of this growth initiative.

Mali Tauro-Cesca (Water Rat’s Captain)