Club Administration


The Administration arm of Narrabeen Beach SLSC provides the support and services to ensure the smooth running of the club. This function is further supported by the Finance Board in relation to financial reporting and treasury obligations. Administration is responsible for membership records, Club communications, newsletters and annual reports, with the Finance Board responsible for all financial related obligations.

Please direct all communications to for consideration by Board of Management as required.

In August 2007, Narrabeen Beach SLSC adopted its initial constitution, which has been further updated as adopted at Special General Meeting dated 4th May, 2014. Both versions are available at  Club Constitution.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the club,  below is current Club Board of Management:

President Tracey Lake 0407 492 158
Vice President Stephen Price  0487 011 400
Director Finance  Bob Chidgey 0413 218 920
Director of Administration David Cool 0416 149 809
Director of Lifesaving  Greg Gillespie 0408 319 638
Director of Education Rob Cook 0438 463 127
Director Surf Sports VACANT
Director Youth Development Brett Worne 0412 070 909
Director of Membership Services  Peter Mays 0434 152 411

The above stated positions form the Board of Management positions as voted by Members in accordance with Club Constitution at 53rd AGM held 23rd July 2017.

Please find below confirmed Minutes of 52nd AGM held Sunday 24th July 2016.

52nd AGM Minutes FINAL accepted 24thJuly16

Please find below confirmed Minutes of the 51st AGM held Sunday 12th July 2015.

51st AGM minutes 12th July 15

Please find below the confirmed Minutes of the 50th AGM held Sunday 13th July,2014.

AGM Minutes Final Accepted 13th July,2014

Please find below the minutes of the Special General Meeting Sunday 4th May 2014. 

SGM Minutes 4th May 14

Previous Records:

AGM Minutes 23rd Aug,2013


Proposed Change to the Structure of the Board of Management

Please see this document for important information that was considered by Members at the Club’s Annual General Meeting, held on Sunday 25th August 2013. ** Update **  At the Annual General Meeting held 25th August 2013, Special Resolution #1 and Special Resolution #2 were not carried by eligible voting members. Special Resolution #3 was carried.